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TFGBC Podcast - Coming Soon

The wait is almost over! Our new Feel Good Bridal Podcast will be launching on 12th November 2021! Find out how you can join us...

Who will be hosting the podcasts?

Our beautiful founders Natalie and Laura will be hosting, alongside guest speakers and industry friends. They have over 25 years of experience combined and have been part of thousands of weddings, supporting thousand of brides. You can trust that they'll give you all the advice, tips and tricks needed to keep you feeling amazing throughout your wedding journey.

What topics will be covered?

The first podcast will start at the very beginning of any bridal journey 'The proposal' because where else is the best place to start? Our beautiful brides-to-be and online community will be the ones to drive the topics discussed in the podcasts, so take to our social @thefeelgoodbrideclub if there's something you want to know or perhaps need advice on.

As an overview here are some of the general topics and content we will cover:

  • Wedding Planning

  • Wellness & Mindset

  • Bridal Beauty

  • Real Bride Stories & Advice

  • Industry Experts Experiences

  • Trending Bridal Community Topics

When/ Where can I listen?

The Feel Good Podcast will launch on 12th November 2021 and new episodes will be shared weekly. Listen on Spotify, Google, Apple Podcast and follow us on social for weekly updates on when new content is shared!

Our podcasts are there for our brides to tune out of the busy world around them and tune in to our bridal community - to laugh, learn and relax! Think of us as your extended bridal party!

Show us how you spend your Feel Good Bride Time and ask us to cover topics you want to hear by tagging us on social.


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