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We've met thousands of brides over the years and heard thousands of beautiful and hilarious stories on proposals, planning, parties and dresses.

We asked a handful of our beautiful past brides to step back in time and think about the first days, weeks and months after they said YES. Looking back now we asked them 'what advice would you give a newly engaged bride?'

Charlotte -

"I think the best thing to do first is sit down with your partner and discuss what type of wedding you would like - location, style and size. Thinking about your guestlist at this point is really important - you don’t want to fall in love with a venue to then find it doesn’t have the capacity for all the guests you’d like to invite.

Budget is also a good element to discuss at this stage so you have a good idea as to how much you are willing to spend on a wedding. Involving a wedding planner early in the process can help with all of these elements and they will give you expert advice on how to plan the wedding of your dreams!"

Credit: tobiahtayophotography

We hope you have found our real bride advice helpful! Want to share your advice with our bridal community? Simply tag us #feelgoodbrideclub at @feelgoodbrideclub on Instagram.


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