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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wedding Guest List

Guest planning is an essential part of any wedding journey, but it also can become one of those tasks that can sometimes get a little overwhelming. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Here are some tips for managing your guest list and feeling confident in your decisions.

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Getting Started With Planning Your Guest List

Your wedding guest list is arguably one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to planning your big day. So where do you even begin? Well firstly, don’t worry too much about getting it perfect right away. A guest list can be adjusted or reworked at any time before your wedding day. Try your best to stay open-minded and accept things may change but whatever happens, your day will always remain perfect with the right mindset!

Who Should Be Invited to the Wedding Ceremony?

The wedding ceremony and reception are two separate events, which means you’ll want to create two separate guest lists. The ceremony list includes anyone who should be invited for religious reasons, from family members of both parties to the bride/groom tribes and your closest friends and family.

Who Should Be Invited to the Reception?

Usually, anyone who has already attended your wedding ceremony, plus any immediate family members and friends attend the reception. The wedding reception is where the party can begin to spiral out of control, mum wants her cousins, sister wants to bring her friends and before you know it the cost begins to mount. Some people use the rules as a guideline such as 'Have I seen them in the last year' or 'Would I invite them to visit my house' - These may sound like strange questions to ask yourself, but remember this is YOUR wedding day. It's personal and only happens once so you've got a right to be picky!

When To Send Out The Invitations?

You can't send out invitations too early, however people do misplace them so perhaps opt for a save the date then follow up with your formal invitation closer to the event. When it comes to sending your wedding invites and gathering RSVPs from guests, be sure to send them out with enough time for all of your guests to get their schedule in order and confirm their attendance. We recommend sending your invitations out 3-6 months before your big day! This gives your guest and yourself plenty of time to get organised and move on to other things such as table planning and food preferences!

We hope you found our blog helpful! If you are looking for more Wedding Planning advice, why not tune in to our latest podcast 'How to stay calm and positive and have the best mindset through your bridal journey.' Alternatively, join our Feel Good social community for daily wedding inspiration and top tips!

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