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Let’s talk…calm bride vibes!

When it comes to weddings, people can sometimes think; stress!

What we want to do in this month’s blog is to look at ways to help you stay cool, calm and collected in the build up to the day of your dreams!

The team have met 1000’s of brides and one thing that they all have in common is that they all have something that is their main focus.

Some brides it’s the venue, some it’s the dress, some it’s the hair and makeup, some it’s the entertainment and food, some it’s the flowers and styling, some it’s the finishing touches.

Because of this focus and the importance of it, it's totally understandable that there is a level of stress or pressure and sometimes that pressure can spill into all the other areas of wedding planning.

We asked Laura who is one of the hosts of the Feel Good Bride Club who also coaches in mindset and personal development for Soul Swimming (Instagram @soulswimmingcoaching) her top 3 tips to make sure you feel calm and happy on your bridal journey!


Bridesmaids, guysmaids, bridal parties, family and friends – let them help! If any area of the wedding planning is causing you to feel stressed, its time to talk it through and delegate tasks. Once we verbally offload, our brains feel a sense of relief and ‘lighter’ vibes. People will really love being involved as well and some of the tasks can be done with a glass of fizz to accompany it so its win win for all!


I know its quite an obvious one, but going into our breath and breath work is powerful! So many breathing exercises have proved to reduce stress and anxiety. Try this method of 4 lovelies; breathe in for 4 seconds through your nose and out for 4 seconds releasing through your mouth. Repeat 4 times you will feel so much calmer. This can be done anywhere as well so it’s a great mindset tool to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed.


Positive affirmations are important. If we want to make less room for negative thoughts, we have to intentionally practice repeating positive thoughts. When we repeat something over and over again, we are rewiring our brains. If you are affirming in your mind that you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, our brains will show us evidence to prove that. Instead, practicing positive affirmations can result in helping you feel more confident and able to achieve your wedding goals!

Try these positive bridal affirmations and repeat often and daily to help you feel calmer;

I am doing my best and I am so excited for my wedding day.
I am empowered and in control.
I am grateful for the kind and loving people around me and helping me on my bridal journey.

Remember, your wedding day is when you say ‘I do’ to your best friend and you are surrounded by people who love you! It’s a day of wonderfulness!


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