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We've met thousands of brides over the years and heard thousands of beautiful and hilarious stories on proposals, planning, parties and dresses.

We asked a handful of our beautiful past brides to step back in time and think about the first days, weeks and months after they said YES. Looking back now we asked them 'what advice would you give a newly engaged bride?'

You may be surprised with what they had to say...

Hannah -

"My advice is to plan the day YOU want and not get wrapped up or pressured into doing anything because other people say you should or because you think that's what they'd want.

We eloped and it meant that every decision was made with us and our kids at the heart of it. It also meant that we could spend big on things that were most important to us and I was able to create a really indulgent experience for our tiny guest list, rather than settling for whatever the budget would allow."

Your day, your way! Huge advocate of it!

Credit: Tireedawson

Abigayle -

"When you get engaged it's easy to feel pressured to begin booking things immediately. Sometimes you think you know exactly what you want but part of the excitement is attending shows, shops and bridal events. Take your time. There is no need to rush or plan anything too quickly, enjoy exploring all the wedding world has to offer. As you begin discovering venues, dresses, services and decorations, you'll soon find (and learn) what you love. Your wedding plans will naturally unfold perfectly and it will be exactly right for you."

Credit: The Mchendrys

Lauren -

"My biggest piece of advice is that a lot of people are going to have opinions and suggestions regarding your wedding. Make sure you stay true to yourself and your hubby to be and do exactly what YOU want to do. It's your day to celebrate together so don't feel pressured to do anything that doesn't feel right for you both! Also make the most of that amazing time, getting your pictures taken just after you get married - when it's just the two of you together, it's a dream!"

Credit: MelissaBattiephotography

The general consensus of beautiful brides is to enjoy each moment from proposal to planning and even on your wedding day. Key Takeaway* This is YOUR day, live your perfect dream day however and wherever you wish to do so!

We hope you have found our real bride advice helpful! Want to share your advice with our bridal community? Simply tag us #feelgoodbrideclub at @feelgoodbrideclub on Instagram.


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